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Referee Training Course - Spring 2005

Kingston & District Referees' Society

DATES: The course runs every Thursday, 7-9pm, from Thursday 13 January until Thursday 10 March (except second session which is on the Tuesday 18 January).

VENUE: Deckers (formerly Racal Decca) Sport & Social Club, Kingston Road, Tolworth (close to the A3 at Tolworth Tower)

TRAINING OFFICER: Jim de Rennes, 18 Blakeden Drive, Claygate, Surrey, KT10 0JR, 01372 466151

ASSISTANT TRAINING OFFICER: Chris Blackie, 17 Finlays Close, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1XG, 020 8391 4376

COURSE: The first 4 weeks: 13, 18, 27, Jan & 3 Feb will be taken up by an introduction to the 17 laws of Association Football, and will there will be a multiple choice test in the 5th week.

The second 4 weeks: 10, 17 Feb & 3, 10 March will reinforce knowledge of the laws and will also deal with the practicalities of the application of the laws on the field of play.

EXAMINATION: A written exam will be taken on 17th February. The Surrey County FA Qualifying Oral Exam: Thursday 24th February at Epsom Baptist Church Hall.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: During the course trainees will be expected to make arrangements to referee matches. Advice and guidance will be provided. It may be possible to provide mentors for some of these matches.

* Course fees: £30 for over 16's, £10 for 14-16 year olds
* These fees are refunded by the FA after the completion of 10 matches
* Registration with SCFA costs £10
* Membership of Kingston Refs Society costs £20 for over 18's, £10 for 14-18 year olds
* The Laws of Association Football and several FA booklets are provided
* The class is a non-smoking environment