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June 1999

Monday 28th June 1999
K's reserves in "Champion Cup" semi-final
Ollie informs us that K's reserves will play Hampton reserves in a two legged semi-final of the 'Champion Cup'. Champion being a reference to the respective success in the regional reserve leagues. The other semi-final is Hayes vs. Hendon. The matches will be played sometime next season.
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Paul Gothard has signed for Hayes.
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Friday 25th June 1999
No fixtures yet...
Whilst the football league fixtures were published yesterday, non league fans need to wait until mid July to find out the Conference equivalents.
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Mark Harris stays for another season
The Informer has reported the news that Mark 'Chopper' Harris has agreed a new one year deal which will keep him at K's for the forthcoming season. Kevin Rattray, who is currently out of contract, has also confirmed his intent to stay in the hoops and negotiations continue to sort out a deal. The future of Leworthy, Brown, Smith and Willgrass look questionable though many a betting man would put money on them staying as 'utility' players next season. Jerome John, however, is believed to be playing for Enfield next season.

On the subject of transfers, Chapple has said "We will have to juggle the budget around. I am talking to Leworthy and we want to keep him but I might have to do it on revised terms. I have to look at the hard facts. We were not good enough to win the Conference last season and one of the reasons is that we did not score enogh goals. I am also talking to Smith. He did some good work last season. I need another striker and I might get another centre-half."
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Sunday 20th June 1999
Comet: Fury over ticket hike
The Surrey Comet this week-end came with the headline "Fury over ticket hike". With an understandable lack of news on the team, the newspaper publicises the imminent price increases and focusses on the plight of OAPs who are (quite shockingly) having their concessionary rights for stand tickets withdrawn (will students equivalents follow?). Kelly's defence on the price rises remains "those who support the club will be looked after by the club and those who come along occasionally will have to pay more. K's Web remains impartial and only reports gossip and news as it hears it, yet some would say that this is not the way to get more people coming through the turn-styles. Those in support of the price rises cannot be found...
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More on the Barrow saga
This from the Conference Guide.

In a surprise twist to the Barrow saga, their Chairman says that they are hoping to play in the Unibond Premier League next season, i.e. one level below the Conference.

Interviewed on Radio Cumbria, Brian Keen said: "The current position is that our advisors and the liquidator have been in deep negotiations with both the FA and the Conference league etc, and we now have come to the conclusion ... that we would accept relegation from Conference and hopefully be placed in the Unibond Premier league."

A formal announcement is expected early next week. In the meantime, Mr Keen said that he would be talking to Shane Westley, with a view to him continuing to manage the club.

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Thursday 17th June 1999
K's Web makes the back pages of both The Informer and the Surrey Comet
K's Web has made the back page of both The Informer and The Surrey Comet this week on their reporting of the war of words between Chris Kelly and Mike Smith. Yet, if you look inside the papers there is more information to be discovered.
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Player negotiations continue
Chapple is putting the finishing touches to the squad by negotitating with Smith, Leworthy, Rattray, Brown and Willgrass, all of whom are out of contract at present. He has a nucleus of 10 members from the present 17 man squad, which includes Patterson. He has also flatly refused Cheltenham's offer for Pitcher, saying "their offer was not even 25% of what we think he is worth." Suggestions that he will go for the right price, however, remain.
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Price rises confirmed
Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that entry prices will rise this season. Terrace tickets will be 8 (from 6) with children's equivalents being 6 (from 4). Entry to the stand will be a round 10. Kelly said "Some people might think it's high, but I think it's value for money." Hmmm.
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Chapple voted onto the board
Chapple was voted in the board of Directors of the Conference last week. Geoff said in The Comet "Instead of arguing about decisions, I will now be making them."
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The team will commmence training on July 1st ready for the Chelsea game nine days later
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Tuesday 15th June 1999
Jimmy Webster
It is with much sadness that we have learnt that Jimmy Webster, the K's president, passed away on the Friday of last week. Rest in peace Jimmy.
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Another friendly has been arranged
Another friendly has been arranged. This time against Whitstable on August 3rd. Thanks to Ollie fot that.
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Friday 11th June 1999
A Conference Transfers page
The latest Conference Transfers can be found here, courtesy of Ciderspace. These will be added to as the close season goes on. And on and on.
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A online petition in support of Barrow
There is now an on line petition for supporters to add their name to in support of Barrow AFC's attempt to stay in the Conference. Support it by following the link above.

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A five-a-side competition at Sutton United
Harry Boat has contacted us "on behalf of some Net heads who follow Sutton United on the WWW. They are planning on hosting a mini 5-a-side tournement down at Gander Green Lane (Sutton Utd have a 5-a-side pitch there) which will be competed between representatives of local non-league sides who follow their clubs via the Net." Any one interested in representing K's Web? Let us know in the usual manner.
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Thursday 10th June 1999
Mike Smith replies to Chris Kelly's article
Mike Smith has replied to Chris Kelly's article. Any more of this and we'll move it onto a seperate page....

To put matters straight!!

I suddenly find out via Chris Kelly's letter that I was apparently responsible for Match Sponsorship!!!(or the lack of it!!)..This is certainly news to me as I made it clear from the outset this was not an area in which I could help. This can also be verified by other Board members, who, likewise, could not assist in this area. A rather pathetic attempt to further mislead people/fans as to why I am on my way out!!

As for Chris's reply........I am glad he has seen fit to use the web sight as, up to this point, he has been totally negative about its existence and has made that clear privately and in the overflow boardroom...the bar!!

Chris's reply justifies a response (ho hum...sorry...don't wish to turn this into a long running epic, but at least you are hearing from a Board Member other than me) because it is so inaccurate, petty and dangerous...the inference that I am a liar cannot go unanswered!!

However, Chris is paid for by the Club and can type away to his hearts content, whereas I am responding in my own time whilst trying to earn a living: I receive no remuneration from the Club. So, when time allows (probably in the early hours of the morning) I will answer the points raised in full.

It is a shame Chris responded in the manner in which he did....I was very careful not personalise my statement, allowing it to come across as factual and general..Chris's reply however, changes matters, it has become personal, it did not need to be that way. Sad really, Chris only had to keep his head down, I am going anyway..he has enough snipers out there ready to take aim, why antagonise me?..he must know I will react.

I do not wish to leave the Club feeling that I :-
1....have not answered my critics at least to my own satisfaction and
2....have left the impression that I had exhausted my input to the Club

Anyway...gotta pay some bills...have a good day K-men & this space!! I promise to try and type with a straight face when answering that damming tome that reveals my appalling track record at the club.

Mike Smith

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Wednesday 9th June 1999
Another friendly has been arranged
Another friendly has been arranged. K's will travel to Tiverton, which pits FA Trophy winners against FA Vase winners. More friendlies are still being arranged. Thanks to Ollie for that. More information as and when we get it.
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Barrow have no right to appeal against their expulsion from the Conference
Conference Secretary John Moules claims that Barrow have no right to appeal against their expulsion from the Conference as the 14-day period started from the date of the committee decision to recommend expulsion (13th May), and not from the date of the vote last Saturday! (Info from The Conference Guide). All seems very unfair to K's Web... Subsequently, Welling are given their place in the top flight of non league football back.
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FA Cup update
All Conference clubs will enter the FA Cup at the fourth (and final) qualifying round this season, which will be the weekend of the 16th October.
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Bigger benches required
The number of substitutes permitted on the bench nest season will be 5, as opposed to 3, Ali informs us.
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Photos from Richmond Road
David Crawt has supplied us with many photos to help reminisce on the days at Richmond Road (RIP). They appear on the Photos Page but may take a while to load.
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Tuesday 8th June 1999
Chris Kelly responds to Mike Smith
As always we give the right of reply. Chris Kelly's reply to Mike Smith's writing appears below.

I read with interest the recent letter from Mike Smith regarding his present position. I was somewhat amazed that despite his position he continues with the same line that the Board have had to endure during his two years with the club.

Mike Smith was invited to join the Board with a view to enhancing the entertainment side of the club both at functions and on match days. For those of you who have attended home matches, other than the cheerleaders, which were brought in by Paul Cox and sponsored by his company there has been no input there. Over the past twelve months the club has staged twelve entertainment evenings, of which Mike has attended none and in most cases was unaware that they were in fact taking place. These examples are only the tip of the iceberg in trying to give an understanding of why the decision to ask Mike to resign was taken.

With regard to a tiny group controlling the club, up until this situation arose Mike was a member of that so called tiny group, and had his contribution to the club been as sincere as it now appears the present situation would never have arisen. The point regarding substantial backers is something that is taken with a pinch of salt when one considers that in two years Mike has been unable to find one match sponsor, these claims are pure fiction. Whilst I have no doubt that he could find persons to verify these claims now when there is no risk of having to actually put up the money. Presumably they were going to do this, as favour to Mike, rather than for Kingstonian. That I think answers many of Mikes points.

There will be a new share issue and the rules that apply to these shares will be exactly the same as they are at present. The Board needs people who can work tirelessly on behalf of the club, not people who use it as a vehicle for their own egos.

If Mike had attended as regularly as others he would have been better informed than he appears to be. It is a shame that we find ourselves in this situation, the alternative is to let someone ride along on the coat tails of the others whilst contributing nothing to the success that has been achieved.

One final point which is worth commenting on is the reference made at the recent meeting (which was not an EGM, again Mike did not know that he was attending) that of a "united Board". The Board is united in its passion and desire for the club to go forward and if Mike is a casualty of this, then that is unfortunate.

Chris Kelly.

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Saturday 5th June 1999
Mike Smith on the rumours regarding his position at the club
Mike Smith has written to us to put an end to rumours regarding his position at the club.

To K Fans....written WITHOUT PREJUDICE

I respond, via this site, to letters, phone calls and personal approaches made to me over the last week. May I state I did not instigate this situation but felt that a considered response was necessary.

It is a sad day for the K's, not because of my personal position, that is insignificant within the bigger picture, but because it reinforces the position of a tiny group who, in my opinion, control the Club. Indeed the recent public exclamation at an open EGM of a "united Board" has proven to be cosmetic in hindsight...I was asked to resign a week before!! As a Member of the Board, it is no secret that I personally had in place new, substantial shareholders, awaiting the Rights Issue, people who would broaden the Clubs powerbase and add much needed financial imput. This, I felt, would insure all our dreams for the K's could be realised. It follows therefore that the availability of funds and expertise would assist the Club to be run more efficiently and profitably...THESE SUBSTANTIAL BACKERS WILL NOW BE LOST!! Third parties have suggested to me that an influx of new shareholders would dilute the current control of the Board, hence the move to "dispense with my services"....I make no comment. I now await with interest to see if a Rights Issue is announced (as promised) and, if it is, what rules and controls are put in place by the current Board for prospective new shareholders to adhere to.

In answer to another point made, the personal slurs behind my back by certain individuals are known to me, I ignore such "bar talk" as par for the course, childish and unprofessional...I need say no more. On the question of idle chat, many decisions seem to be made in bars before they are put to a full Board as a fait accompli.

I accept that I will be "ousted" on 25th June, I have no doubt that a majority of proxy votes are already in place, it is just a formality. You can only carry on with majority support, I am truly disappointed as I believed my involvement long term with the Club would be in everyones interest...but I would say that wouldn't I.!!

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geoff Chapple for his support to date, I believe that he and the team deserve much more experienced back-up than is currently on offer.

Mike Smith.....K's Fan....Director (only just!)

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The latest on the Barrow situation
The Barrow situation is causing a lot of confusion. The latest we've heard is from Lee Hunt who informs us that Barrow have been expelled from The Conference, but have been given a 14 day right to appeal. The latest of course will be available from Barrow's chat page.
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Kingstonian v West Ham - re-arranged
The West Ham fixture has been rearranged to the following Wednesday.
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Phil Wallace buys out Victor Green
Phil Wallace (ex owner of Boreham Wood) has bought out Victor Green at Stevenage Borough F.C.
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Thursday 3rd June 1999
Friendly Fixtures announced
Plan your holidays now by looking at the Friendly Fixtures page.
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