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July 1999

Thursday 29th July 1999
Details of the Supporters' Club AGM
A "record number" of supporters' club (SC) members turned up to this year's AGM and details are below:

Of the previous board, it seemed the majority were not present and had given their apologies. Chris Kelly, however did make the meeting and watched from the back. The 'panel' at the front was five strong, each of whom spoke in turn. Brian Newman in his role of secretary reported that membership levels were similar to last year, though many had left, and were replaced by new members. Tim Wells reported an overall profit of 161.25 on the coaches, which ranged from a loss of 309 from the Hednesford game to a profit of 215 for the Leyton Orient game. This represents good business ensuring the facilitation of inexpensive travel to away matches. He also announced that travle prices would have to rise. A point was raised that perhaps journies should incorporate pub stops rather than service station stops...

The treasurer announced that, despite the obligatory donation to the club from the club shop, the SC had made 503, which was added to the balance to give 4,783 in the bank. A point that would later be raised.

The election of the new committee was a very simple and quick process. The new committee is as follows:

PositionNameLast year
Chairman:Colin Deadmannew
Vice-Chairman:Brian Giffardcommittee
Secretary:Brian Newmansame position
Treasurer:Mike Powellsame position
Travel Secretary:Tim Wellssame position
Shop Secretary:Mark Osbornesame position
Press Secretary:Mark Murphysame position
Social Secretary:Paul Ferriesame position
Committe member:Gavin Hallnew
Committe member:Simon Murraynew
Committe member:Len Pococknew
Committe member:Dick Smithcommittee
Committe member:Peter Borrettnew
Committe member:John Edwardsnew

Some eyebrows were raised at Colin Deadman's appointment as chair having not sat on the committe previously, but the position did need filling, and no-one else stod for the position. He is a keen supporter of the K's and has publicly disagreed with many of Chirs Kelly's decision before.

A proposal was put forward by Mark Murphy that a portion (up to 3000) of the SC's bank balance should be given as a donation to the club, which "could do with a bob or two" else it would remain dead money. He pointed out that the SC should not be about making money and that it should support the club whenever possible. This was greeted somewhat contensiously. The Doc was one of many who wanted to know just how it would be spent, and suggested that improving the ladies' toilets was one such way. Other ideas included making the car park larger and suplementing OAP season ticket, or day ticket entry. Gavin Hall a.k.a. Monty raised some good points that it might be unwise to spend money on the toilets when redevelopment is imminent, and that perhaps it should be spent on subsidising coach travel in the light of the warning of price increases. In his right to reply Mark Murphy pointed out that the motion was to allow the democratcially elected dommitte to make that decision and that it was specifically unspecific in terms of the precise amount and where it would be spent. After this the motion was passed by 43 votes to 11. Significantly, Colin Deadman, the new chair, voted against the motion. Mark noted that many of the points that were raised were perfectly valid but not appropriate here.

After this came a speech from new committe member Peter Borrett who, together with John Edwards, would like to create a database of people "who care about the club". Apparently, "the people who care aren't the 500 or so regulars who go to the games" but instead are those with other interests such as being parents of those playing in the youth team, or being an ex-tea lady. The man who "couldn't make the Trophy final" went on to say that this list should be of about 1000 names, and these people could then receive a newsletter, rather than having information from the usual routes. He did not suggest how to pay for this newsletter or its posting costs. He also proposed to set up Kilroy-esque discussion groups to debate matters so that the right answers are given at the right time. This would avoid "the embarressment" of Eagle's question at the naming of the new sponsor about Trophy Final publicity. Peter Borrett seems to have some good "new management style" ideas, but whether or not they are practical is a matter for the board to discover.

There were many other interesting, significant, or amusing points. The Four SC members who passed away this year were remembered. Gary Spickett was thanked for his sterling work for the SC over seven years, and Mark Osborne was also thanked as he stood down from his previous vice chair position. K's Web was mentioned and thanked by Mark Murphy and The Doc amongst others and the existence of this site will be raised at future meetings with respect to publicity, sharing information and the like. Lawrence Cooley made no friends at this meeting. After the faux-pas of saying "we've won the conference" he had petty public squables with a pensioner about the price rises, which made even the 15 year olds there wish he would be a bit more mature, and looked for praise for carpeting Geoff Chapple's office when suggestions were that the board aren't really doing enough. The fact that other supporters do just as much as they can was then raised and applauded. Mark Murphy described the board as being "very hard to communicate with" answering a question as to why the SC and the club don't work together more often.

All in all, the meeting lasted just over 90 minutes. We all know a better way to spend 90 minutes at Kingsmeadow, but this had to be done, and it was done so well. The new SC board will deliver, and with friend of K's Web Simon Murray on the committe we can expect to know more of what's going on and how this site can help.

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Tim Wells is now taking bookings for Telford and Kettering away games
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Tuesday 27th July 1999
Vote Simon Murray on Thursday night
With the Supporters' Club AGM only two days away (be there for 7:30pm folks), we would like to give all our support to Simon Murray in his attempts to get onto the committee. Simon has been a K's fan for longer than one can hope to do so whilst still remaining sane. He is young and enthusiastic, whilst hating hoolignaism and ill responsibility. In essence, he represents the same stance that K's Web does, so anyone who reads this page regularly would benefit from seeing him on the board. Vote Simon Murray on Thursday night.
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Latest Conference odds have released the odds for winning the conference in the coming season. Rushden are the clear favourites, whilst K's remain in a similar position to last season. Sutton, it would seem, don't have a chance. The full list is as follows:

Rushden And Diamonds 3/1
Kettering 7/1
Scarborough 8/1
Doncaster 9/1
Yeovil 10/1
Woking 10/1
Stevenage 10/1
Kingstonian 14/1
Hayes 14/1
Hereford 16/1
Kidderminster 20/1
Northwich 25/1
Hednesford 25/1
Dover 25/1
Nuneaton 28/1
Forest Green 33/1
Altrincham 33/1
Sutton Utd 40/1
Morecambe 40/1
Telford 50/1
Southport 50/1
Welling 66/1

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Tiverton match report
Check out the Tiverton Town web site which includes a report of the friendly against Kingstonian.
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Sunday 25th July 1999
Nationwide Charity Shield
The Nationwide Charity Shield (Conference winners Vs Trophy winners) will be played on October 6th. Presumably this will be at Cheltenham's ground though we have not heard an official venue yet. However, with both teams having bigger proverbial fish to fry, expect this to be only slightly more exicting than the Ryman Charity shield against Sutton last season.
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Saturday 24th July 1999
Tiverton Town 3-4 Kingstonian
Billed as The Teamtalk Trophy, Kingstonian won 4-3 at FA Vase winners Tiverton Town last night. Phil Wingield scored in his first game for the K's in this spell, and the others came from in form Geoff Pitcher and a brace from Eddie Akuamoah.
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Friday 23rd July 1999
Friendly updates
Sincere apologies for the recent lack of updates... As the team travels to tonight's match at Tiverton it must be reported that the score on Wednesday night against Brentford was 2-0 to Kingstonian. By all reports Dwight Marshall was again very impressive. Incidentally, the Brentford team that played Sutton only days earlier won 2-0. Reports are now available.
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Saturday 17th July 1999
Harrow Borough 2-3 Kingstonian
K's won their first pre-season friendly this year by winning by one goal despite being clawed back to level pegging twice by their Ryman counterparts. Dwight Marshall and Ermin M'Botto were notable trialists in a K's team that was again made up by trialists and fringe players in the main part. A report is available. Dwight Marshall looked most in place in the K's team and will continue to try out for the K's in the forthcoming games.
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Scott Corbett joins Farnborough + other transfers
Also on the transfer front it has been confirmed that Scott Corbett has left to join Farnborough, further increasing speculation that Wingfield will be going the other way. Wingfield is said to be injured at the present moment in time but terrace rumours are that he has signed a one year deal at K's. Meanwhile Kevin Rattray remains on trial at Enfield, with permanent movers Wayne Brown and Jerome John.
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Surrey Comet exagerates grossly
On a happy note, the shock reporting in this week's Surrey Comet appears to have been a gross exageration in a time of little news. Club officials have said that, although the Tax Office were approached, there is no danger in this money having to be paid unless the club sells its ground, which is most unlikely.
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Supporters' Club AGM
The Kingstonian Football Club Supporters Club's 8th AGM will be held on Thursday July 29th beginning at 8pm.
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K's Web details
K's Web would like to reiterate to anyone and everyone that the articles on 'Your Shout' pages are contributed by individuals much like a letters page in a fanzine. We respect their anonymity when it is requested so, but do not claim to do so with the writers here.
Marble = Jon Tolley tel: 0181 391 1621
Eagle = Gary Ekins tel: 0181 397 8481

The entity of K's Web is used to represent impartiality in many circumstances. One such example is that K's Web is fond of, encourages, and is pleased with increasing sales of Kool For K's.
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Surrey Comet reports shocking news about the state of Kingstonian's finances
The Surrey Comet reports shocking news about the state of Kingstonian's finances

The Inland revenue is investigating Kingstonian over a financial technicality which could land the club with a one off tax bill of 665,000.

The club's taxation officers are in discussion with the Inland revenue about a Capital Gains Tax Liability from the sale of their old Richmond Road (RIP) ground in 1989.

The sum - ?665,279 was "rolled over" into the purchase of the new Kingsmeadow ground in 1989.

But, according to the auditors, the transition of the club into a limited company in 1996 may have given rise to a situation where the capital gains liability would crystallise. In other words, the bill must be paid.

This, of course, is added to the operating losses fo 226,000 in the 12 months to July 1998. Kelly said the figures were "alarming but not unexpected" (so he expects alarming figures ??) and pointed out the good aspects of life at K's at present, urging fans to buy shares, asking "What can I do for the club?" rather than "What can the club do for me?". Two issues arise from this. Firstly, does the entire board share the former attitude, and secondly, what should fans who have been bitterly opposed to the issuing of shares do to continue actively supporting the club?

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Wednesday 14th July 1999
Kingstonian 1-4 West Ham
K's lost the third in the trilogy of top flight team friendlies to a strong West Ham United team. Di Canio and Kitson both got braces for The Hammers whilst K's scored through new boy Chris Fry, a brilliant 30 yard chip. Phil Wingfield was watching from the stands again.
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Informer reports K's lost nearly ?250,000
The Informer reports this week that K's did indeed lose nearly a quarter of a million pounds in the season of promotion from the Ryman to the Conference. Of course, the board is running the club brilliantly though and it is the fault of the Kingston public. Shyeah!
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Tuesday 13th July 1999
Kingstonian 1-2 Southampton
K's played a friendly fixture tonight with a starting line up more akin to a proper friendly with trialists and fringe players joining a handful of first team regulars. K's lost the game but as the report shows there were positive signs to be seen from the game. A noticeable face in the crowd was that of Phil Wingfield, who looks almost certain to make the move from Hampshire to Surrey in the coming days. Many thanks to Simon for producing the report so swiftly.

Also, thanks to Ollie for informing us that another friendly has been pencilled in, this time away to Harrow this Saturday.
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Monday 12th July 1999
Phil Wingfield set to return?
Rumour on the streets has it that Phil Wingfield is/was out of contract at Walton Farnborough and has signed to K's on a one year contract. The retern of Phil Wingfield running down the wing???
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Sunday 11th July 1999
Kingstonian 0-3 Chelsea
Only mad dogs and English men are said to go out in the summer sun. In this year's encounter the insane and the canines saw Chelsea repeat their usual victory at Kingsmeadow. Chris Sutton did not make his debut for Chelsea, but more importantly, Justin Gentle did in a K's team looking remarkably similar to the first 11 of last season. K's Web is proud to welcome Simon Murray into the report writing fray and his innaugral report of the Chelsea Friendly can be viewed already.
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A new Kingstonian web site
We've received news of a new Kingstonian Web site. Take a look !!
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Friday 9th July 1999
1999/2000 Fixtures published
With the Chelsea game just hours away, the real business of the league campaign raises its head. The full fixture list is now available. K's begin the season on 14th August at Telford with the first home game being on the following Wednesday against Dover. Woking remain the team played over the Christmas derbies whilst one Sutton game is on a Tuesday the other on a Saturday. Surrey's third team previously mentioned take on Hereford in their first game back in the Conference. The superstitious amongst us hope that, having won the Ryman on the corresponding fixtuere as K's did, and then winning the Surrey Senior Cup, that history won't repeat itself by giving them such a pleasant season, as K's also played Hereford in their first match in the Conference. Last season's fixtures, results and reports remain available from the History page. As Easter is late in 2000, there are many games in April. However there are two Saturdays free in February/March hoping to ease any potential fixture congestion.
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The Directors defend the price hikes
The Surrey Comet today published a somewhat patronising letter by "The Directors of Kingstonian FC" on the subject of the recent price rises. In a lengthy statement the board state that they only have the club's interests at heart, and that the hikes are necessary to pay for ground improvements. It states that "a fair definition of a regular supporter is one who goes to most home games" and thereby the club is not doing its older supporters a bum deal as it offers them concessionary priced season tickets. The issue of how to attract the casual supporter is again not answered.
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Mike Smith reveals the reasons for his departure
In a not unrelated story, it was revealed that Mike Smith jumped before he was pushed, and resigned one night before the shareholers' (ie. directors) meeting where he would have been given the boot. This brings the control of the club to an even smaller number of like (note: not necessarily narrow) -minded people, which some would suggest could be detrimental to the long term success of the club...
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Wednesday 7th July 1999
A look forward to the first friendly
With the first friendly of the pre-season only 3 days away the team are in full training and looking to keep the score down again. K's will be parading the FA Trophy. Chelsea will have no trophies to parade. Gary Patterson and Delton Francis will be sitting it out though, both recovering after operations. Some are saying that the Chelsea Pensioners will be the only pensioners in Kingsmeadow after the recent price hikes. haha.
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Marshall set to join?
The Informer confirms, or at least adds to, the rumours that Chapple is after Dwight Marshall of Plymouth Argyle, who is currently out of contract.
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Thursday 1st July 1999
K's in trouble over Wembley warm-up fiasco
The Informer is a source of gems this week. Firstly, it reports of the fact that K's have been fined 1000 for not wearing special Umbro training tops when they warmed up at Wembley back in May. An additional 300 has been requested to pay for costs after the shirts, which went to Chapple's home the day before the Trophy final, did not make the trip to Wembley with the team. Chapple is to defend the club as he says Umbro knew the team would be staying in a hotel the night before the game and that Umbro should have sent the to Wembley. The fact that Forest Green wore theirs, we are led to believe, was merely a fluke. The appeal is on July 29 which is only three days before Chapple joins the board of the Nationwide Conference.
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Jermoe John off to Enfield?
It looks certain that Jerome John is off to Enfield next season, and that Wayne Brown will travel north of the river with him. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that K's midweek games will be played on Wednesdays this season. Additionally, a search for an alternative site for training has been found. Though nothing to do with Wayne Brown's contacts, the K's will practice those special set moves at the London Fire Brigade's training ground in Ewell on Monday and Wednesdays where the facilities are said to be excellent.
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