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Banquet Records to sponsor Kingstonian Football Club

Banquet Records is a physical record shop, an online record shop, a music events promoter, a record label and a lot more besides.

(left to right) Mark Hams, Mike Smith (Banquet Records), Martin Tyler, Alan Dowson, Jon Tolley (Banquet Records), Neil Lampton, Nick Rundell, Jon Coke, Stuart Reeks

(left to right) Jon Coke, Jon Tolley (Banquet Records), Malcolm Winwright, Mike Smith (Banquet Records), Phil Williams

Kingstonian manager Alan Dowson on the decks at Banquet Records

(left to right) Stuart Reeks, Jon Coke, Neil Lampton, Nick Rundell

Kingstonian management and players browsing through the Banquet Records store at 52 Eden Street in Kingston