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Hopping Mad - Tales From a Ground Hopper, by Mark Sheldrake

If you enjoy watching your football then this 140-page hardback book with dust cover is just the read you've been waiting for.

This book encapsulates the journey of watching football for over 40 years all over the country. From the writer's first ever game back in 1966 as a young lad, the journey encompasses top-flight matches to those where the attendance failed to reach 100 paying faithful fans. It chronicles the highs, the lows, the thrills, the pain, and is full of personal anecdotes and descriptive insights. The book is also extremely well illustrated with ground photos and programmes etc.

With the author supporting Kingstonian for many years this book includes 2 stories of The K's on their travels as well as others involving local clubs.

Find out what motivated, and still motivates him, and read about his experiences from the quite hair-raising to the amusing, the freezing cold to others where he finds himself completely relaxed under warming sun-filled Spring skies. Having watched games in over 350 grounds in England and Wales he is certainly well travelled within these shores and invites you to relive those adventures in this well written book.

Retailing at just £14.99, this book is published by Ashwater Press to a high standard and is a must for all you fellow travellers and indeed football fans everywhere.

Payment for the total price including delivery of £16.99 can be made by PAYPAL to or cheques made payable to the author Mark Sheldrake sent directly to him at 7 Laurel Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, TW12 1JL.

Please quote KFC when ordering as 50% of the profits from sales made through Kingstonian supporters will go to the football club.

Hopping Mad - Tales From a Ground Hopper