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K's Trust General Meeting
Thursday 30th October 2003

The meeting began at 7.45pm with a welcome from chair Mark Murphy. He also read out the list of apologies.

The first report of the evening was from Gary Ekins on the membership of the Trust. He reported that prior to the meeting there were 375 members - 342 adults and 33 juniors - who between them had raised just over £10,000 in membership fees alone.

Andrew Carberry then reported back on his efforts in the youth and community area. The text of this report will follow.

Simon Murray reported on the financial side of things. The text of this report will follow.

Lawrence Cooley made the point that a new chairman is needed, as every other non-league club has a man who bank-rolls the club. He questioned the ability of the Trust to raise enough money to actually run the club, although he re-stated his full support.

Mark Murphy pointed out that there was much agreement between Lawrence's position and that of the Trust Board. He said that the Trust still hopes that Mr Khosla will sign the second lease meaning that control of the club can pass to the Trust. This would make it far easier to raise money through sponsorship.

Rob Blevin explained that, should the Trust take control of the Football Club, that the Trust Board would appoint the directors of the Limited Company - the two would not necessarily be made up of the same people.

Ted Lucraft asked for clarification over the recent meeting between the Trust and Mr Khosla.

Gary Ekins reported that three members of the Trust Board had been at the meeting, while Mark Murphy and himself were also invited but were unable to attend. He also confirmed that there had been no request for Trust money from Mr Khosla, but that the Trust isn't in the business of raising money to sit on it - the idea is that the money goes to benefit the team, but that will not happen until agreements are in place to ensure that it is used correctly.

Stuart Webber made the point that money from the Trust will be needed to make up any shortfall between the Football Club's income and expenditure.

Details of the new sponsorship deal were requested.

Gary Ekins reported that the deal with Allen Carr Clinics is for the remainder of the season. He said that the amount of the sponsorship deal would not be revealed. Although the Trust is an open organisation, the Trust Board is trying to prove to Mr Khosla that it can run a business, and there are some things - for example this amount and players' salaries - that have to be kept confidential in any business. Revealing the amount would also make it more difficult to strike a deal for next season.

Referring to an article in the Non-League Paper, the question was asked whether the Trust had approached Victor Gladwish about sponsorship.

Mark Murphy confirmed that no approach had been made, although the Trust now has Mr Gladwish's number and will be contacting him soon.

Rob Blevin asked the questioner why he had not informed the Trust about the article. He made the point that everybody needs to take some responsibility.

Bill Carlin said that people should have been told about the sponsorship deal.

Gary Ekins responded that it was announced to the press on Tuesday, that it was mentioned in Simon Murray's opening speech, that there were two shirts hanging up alongside the top table, that there would be lots of coverage in this week's local papers and in Saturday's programme.

Bill Carlin asked why matches are not publicised in the local area.

Gary Ekins, and several members of the audience, responded that there are large numbers of posters around the local area which any supporter can access on the internet, or can pick up from the club shop.

Bill Carlin then asked what is happening on the social side.

Mark Murphy replied that there is a Trust 5-a-side competition on 16th November and that there will be a Christmas party in conjunction with the Supporters' Club. He also stated that the six nights granted in the deal with AFC Wimbledon had to make as much money as possible, and that small events - such as quiz nights - would not raise enough.

A question was asked whether admission prices could be lowered for AFC Wimbledon fans to entice them to K's matches when their team is away.

Rob Blevin replied that he is currently working on the marketing section of the Business Plan and that something like this will be included. He did however state that it would be difficult to reduce admission for some supporters and not others without making some feel aggrieved.

Lawrence Cooley asked whether the AFC Wimbledon Board were up for election.

Gary Ekins stated that they are not. The Dons Trust is currently holding an election, but the AFC Wimbledon Board is appointed by the Dons Trust and will probably not change.

Somebody asked what the time scale is for the Business Plan and Mr Khosla handing over control of the club.

Mark Murphy read out details of the council lease which states that control must be passed by 1st May 2004, but can be earlier if the Trust fulfils three conditions - two of which have been fulfilled and one which requires that the Business Plan is passed by a majority of the "panel of three".

Pete West asked whether the Trust and Club would be ready to take a place in Conference 2 should it become available.

Simon Murray said yes, that the Trust wants the Club to play at a higher level as possible. He said that the Business Plan would cover promotion to Conference 2, but would also include plans for the team being in the Ryman Premier next season.

Stuart Webber stated that at the end of the season there would be a meeting with Kim Harris to prepare a budget for the 2004/2005 season.

Gary Ekins and Graham Richards made the point that, while expenditure would increase, so would income. Conference South will contain only 22 teams, meaning that 4 Tuesday matches will be removed, and the inclusion of teams such as Crawley and Havant will increase attendances generally. Graham Richards did however state that legal action is being taken by the Ryman League to prevent the move.

Colin Deadman made the point that this season's programme has much improved and that the shirt sponsorship deal is the first at the club for three years. He said that he admires the whole Board and that if everyone did a little bit things would become easier.

Rob Blevin confirmed that the Business Plan would be completed by Christmas at the latest.

Stuart Webber stated that AFC Wimbledon have not yet reported back the bar profits, which are an integral factor when calculating income for the Business Plan.

Mark Murphy confirmed that the Board will circulate a list of all jobs that are done at the club so that people will be able to select what they can do to help out.

Graham Richards gave details of the BBC Two filming at the Stamford match.

Clinton Arthur asked whether there was enough money in the kitty to meet the budget.

Stuart Webber stated that there was not yet enough. The income from the bar is still to come, as is any prize money from cup runs. He said that there is currently a shortfall, but that he hopes it narrows / disappears.

The Simon Martin transfer was brought up. The question was how come Mr Khosla said no.

Mark Murphy stated that the Trust Board had said that, as long as the transfer would have no effect on the budget, that it was happy for the transfer to go ahead.

Graham Richards stated that all monies to the Football Association or for transfers must come from the bank account of Kingstonian FC Ltd. The FA said that they would not accept a cheque from the Trust in this case. He said that the budget is slightly over the amount agreed at the start of the season, and that the Simon Martin deal would have pushed it up further.

Mark Murphy clarified that "Trust money", which is membership fees, donations and merchandise purchases, have not been touched. The money that is collected on behalf of the Football Club, such as gate money, season ticket money and sponsorship, has to be passed to the Limited Company so that the players can be paid.

Kim Harris confirmed that only 12 players are on a contract.

Clinton Arthur asked whether a figure could be placed on the shortfall for this season.

Mark Murphy said no as there are too many unknowns.

Mark Murphy closed the meeting after paying tribute to the players and the management team, and after overseeing the raffle.