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Molesey 0-1 Kingstonian

The first team was once more rolled out for this Surrey Senior Cup match and, in the end, they were able to secure a semi-final place for K's at either Carshalton, Tooting and Mitcham or Whyteleafe. One notable inclusion was Jerome John back in goal, for the first time in a while, as Scouse-bound Steve Farrelly decided that this was one game not worth the trouble of turning up for.

Most of the players appeared in kamikaze-style short sleeve shirts, while the crowd looked on from underneath an average of seven layers each in the freezing February weather. Simon Stewart attempted to warm the hearts' cockles with a good run, a one-two with Eddie, and a left-foot shot which just went past Molesey's left-hand upright as K's showed that they cared at least a little bit. But not as much as for a proper cup.

That said, Molesey didn't appear too keen on giving 110% either, with the reault that the match totally lacked incident. Which makes writing a report a bit difficult. But anyway... Gary Patterson, the only ever present in this year's Surrey Senior Cup (such an honour), lifted a ball to Leworthy, who was possibly pushed in the back. This was probably the reason that his arm moved forward so clearly and the referee gave a handball Molesey's way. Some in the crowd were appealing for a penalty, but most were enquiring exactly how warm the tea was.

The only other chance of the half fell to Eddie, still stuck on ninety-nine goals, but a combination of four Molesey defenders blocked his shot on the line after (uh-uh) Simon Stewart had headed down a corner. With half-time came a chance to introduce warm liquids to bodies (so to speak) and for depressed enquiries about potential replays to be made. The problem was, both teams seemed to care so little that nobody was ever going to score.

But as another incident-lacking half came to a close, it happened. Tarkan Mustafa wiped the ice from his boots and set off on a run down the right. He managed to lose possession just as he got close to the danger area, but fortunately the clearance struck his midriff and bounced in the direction of the penalty area. Eddie was on it in a flash, and struck his shot right footed under the goalkeeper. For a hundredth goal it wasn't a bad one. As for the occasion, let's just say that for a player who has been such a long-term favourite for K's, Molesey away on a freezing Tuesday night in front of so few supporters might not have done it justice. Eddie himself managed to de-ice his face enough to produce a crack of a smile, and fortunately enough that was that.

K's had (just about) done enough. They were clearly far superior to their opponents, but then Molesey could have tried a lot harder than they did. And of course it was good for Eddie to reach his milestone. Well done that man.

Tue 9th Feb 1999
Walton Road
Surrey Senior Cup 3rd round
1Jerome John
2Tarkan Mustafa
3Colin Luckett
4Matt Crossley
5Simon Stewart
6Mark Harris
7Gary Patterson
8Geoff Pitcher
9Scott Corbett
10David Leworthy
11Eddie Akuamoah
12Danny Smith
14Dean Thomas
15Gary Drewett
Man of the Match
Eddie Akuamoah
Eddie Akuamoah
Match Report By
Gary Ekins