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Kingstonian 1-0 Telford United

Telford at home. Not the most inspiring of games to attract the locals before the trip to Cheshire this Saturday. But these are the bread and butter games, etc. etc. And K's should win it. Let's just enjoy the game. Unfortunately the game wasn't too enjoyable, and the crowd wasn't there sutiably inspired either. Next Saturday will be different of course.

K's started with Jerome John in goal, as Farralley picked up an injury against Carshalton. Other than that, it was a first team put out, with Pitcher overcoming his injury problems and the forward partnership of Dave and Eddie back in the centre forwards' numbers.

K's started quite well. In the opening minutes, Pitcher flighted a corner towards Simon Stewart, and the general play was quite good, Patterson setting up Leworthy. So it was no real surprise when K's went one up early on. Tarkan Mustafa delivered a cross field ball which was picked up by Colin Luckett on the opposite flank. Making up the move as they went along, Luckett then fed the ball square to Pitcher inside the penalty area. He then powered in the proverbial 'cross-shot' to which Akuamoah reacted quickest and side footed the ball home from six yards. Memories of the corresponding away fixture were present, no doubt, but from that moment on the hooped play was rather disjointed, and less productive.

Soon after Jim Bentley had committed the first of his awful fouls, Patterson was, again quite rightly, booked. The reaction to this booking was immense and there were fears amongst the K's supporters that this could have meant that Patto would be suspended for the trophy game. It later transpired that this would not be the case, but he will miss the replay should one arise. But this reaction from the K's players brought the standard of play down, Rattray getting particularly fired up and looking for trouble. Half time came at a good time for the home side and allowed them to re-coup.

The best chance of the second half occurred when Picther's free-kick, awarded for a handball on the left, was floated over toward the mixer. Somehow, two K's players, and all the Telford defenders managed to miss the ball and it hit the post. Being a direct free-kick the goal would have counted but alas, it bounced the wrong way.

Soon after this, all the red and white hooped hearts in the ground stopped for a few minutes when Stewart went down injured. Defending by the right line, he was hit in the face full pelt with the ball which twisted his head round and looked to have caused him real problems. Indeed, Chapple, the doctor, the physio and even the dentist ran to the opposite side of the ground to see what was going on. As Simon was stretchered off with a neck brace on, we all feared the worst. Later our fears were relieved when it was revealed that 'no harm had been done' and he could make Saturday's game.

After a prolonged stoppage for this injury, Leworthy found himself setting up Mark Harris whose header was just wide. But soon after this Leworthy got himself in trouble. As the visiting keeper, Dean Williams, waited to clear the ball Dave stood in front of him. Maybe this is obstruction, but it certainly didn't deserve the reaction give from the keeper who barged into Leworthy. This upset the striker, and before you could say "Watch your knees" Bentley had chased over to further the trouble and was all too unfriendly towards Dave. The referee somehow decided that a booking a piece for Leworthy and Bentley was just. Somehow.

But this seemed to inspire the team a bit more. Indeed, Jerome John was catching crosses well, and Patterson was typically brilliant in midfield, with Pitcher also equalling his excellence. Telford's best chance came when substitute Gez Murphy chased onto a bouncing ball. It sat up well for him but he put his shot about a yard wide and a yard over. Scott Huckerby also had a good chance when he attempted to lob John. No chance though, as it sailed over.

During this time, the vicious circle of, er, viciousness was going on as both Bentley and Williams, who had made no friends at Kingsmeadow proceeded to insult the fans behind the goal. Which made them return the gestures etc. etc. You get the picture.

The ref could have lost control of this one, Fitzgerald twice tried to hack down Pitcher, who amazingly didn't try for a free kick but just used his better skill to continue setting up semi-promising attacks. Thankfully, though the game was running out of time. Not before Eddie had showed his brilliance, and Patterson had showed his short fuse.

A game with little footballing content, but it's another three points and they are much appreciated.

Sat 20th Mar 1999
Kingsmeadow Stadium
Football Conference
Telford United0
1Jerome John
2Tarkan Mustafa
3Colin Luckett
4Matt Crossley
5Simon Stewart14
6Mark Harris
7Gary PattersonCautioned
8Geoff Pitcher
9Kevin Rattray
10David LeworthyCautioned15
11Eddie Akuamoah
12Carl Tranter
14Tom White5
15Delton Francis10
Man of the Match
Geoff Pitcher
Geoff Pitcher
Match Report By
Gary Ekins