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Kingstonian 4-2 Southport

On the back of a very satisfying win on the previous Wednesday, K's were to host Southport with the crowd, (or lack of) with high hopes. Chapple named a settled side from the match before, Wingfield again preferred to Akuamoah. An on-loan signing in the guise of Junior Kadi was on the bench.

As the game kicked off K's looked confident. Luckett, having recovered from a game of kick the ankle, showed how confident he is at present when he surged into the opposition box and proceeded to perform a 'keep-up' display. Unfortunately, he forgot that the real object is to score a goal and the attack broke down. Never mind, he was to remember later.

As the K's sweated out more skill than sweat in the summer-ish sun, Leworthy's run saw him go square to the goal and eventually distribute to Mustafa. The Wembley scoring full back was looking more match fit than in previous games and his powered long shot got a deflection, but still sailed toward the throat of Dickinson in-between the sticks. Patterson and Pitcher linked up as effectively as ever and saw the latter go close with a curled shot. Seconds later Marshall was given a half chance following a Leworthy cross, but he didn't really make contact. 'Spugged'.

Yet, with K's looking so good, it was really necessary to achieve something tangible. And that came in the style of a truly fine goal. Mustafa picked up the ball on the right and surged goalwards. His pin point cross to Marshall still needed a lot of work to end in the goal. But he was equal to the task and glanced his header superbly inside the left hand upright. A fabulous goal, and a fine way for Marshall to open his account. Cos Harrow in a friendly doesn't really count.

As K's fans were expecting more of the same, it was somewhat of a blow when an equaliser was scored after 28 minutes. A free-kick was awarded to the visitors from a shooting distance slightly to the left of the goal. Stuart stepped up to take the kick, and curled the ball away from the goal towards the back post. Farralley came for the ball but missed it and the ball went skywards. As it descended, Bolland won the aerial contest with Crossley and saw that The 'Port were back on level pegging.

Yet on 37 minutes they were one goal to the good. Patterson was, in the opinion of many within the ground, fouled by Gouck in midfield. Yet the referee thought otherwise and play was allowed to continue. Patterson then ran around, looking quite angry and seeking revenge. But he couldn't get it before Arnold put in a deep cross. Again, Farralley was in two minds of what to do. Woods was the striker at the back post who surely mis-directed his header. Yet it managed to bounce in front of Farralley and still go over his head and into the net. Lobbing the K's keeper from five yards is no mean feet, and one which is worthy of putting your team in the lead. Not one that was welcome though.

Patterson later got his revenge, but took it out on Elam, and quite rightly received a yellow card. As K's were looking to get an equaliser, they sought it by foul means or fair. Foul means provided by Leworthy taking a quite shocking dive when breathed upon by Bolland. Fair means came from Wingfield, who from out of nothing fired in a shot to the near post when he was fully 25 yards out. An amazing shot, some would say mis-hit cross, which made Dickinson earn his place in goal. Before the half was over, Farralley again had the chance to fluff another cross. Quite uncharacteristically, Farralley was looking shaky in goal, and was truly having a 'mare against his ex-club.

The first 'event' of the second half saw a foul by Patterson. The referee played an advantage and once the ball had gone out of play walked towards Pattrson with the "I'm going to book you" look in his eye. He also had the "I'm going to book you" move of the arm towards his cards, until he realised that he'd already booked the midfielder and decided to just have a word instead. Patterson was lucky to still be on the pitch. As K's were beginning to look like something special was required - had they sweated out too much skill? - Chapple let the special something that is Eddie Akuamoah on the field of play. He took off the Phil Wingifeld thing for him. Basford also came on and replaced Harris in a move that saw the youngster play at left back and Luckett in midfield. Akuamoah was put on the wing supplying Marshall and Leworthy, and that really was what changed the game.

As soon as Akuamoah was on the pitch he made a difference. Though the first was that Leworthy looked to play him in when he perhaps should have shot from inside the box. But a positive difference was made soon after. A Patterson cross towards Akuamoah at the back post was unselfishly headed back towards the edge of the six yard box from where Leworthy is lethal. But instead of killing anyone, he scored a goal and poised the game at 2-2.

Then, with quarter of an hour left, came the pivotal moment that changed the game. Again Farralley came for a cross and missed it. The result was that a shot was put in which bounced off the post, much to the relief of our Stevie. Then play moved straight to the other end. Akuamoah again supplied Leworthy who shot from double the distance of his previous goal and beat the visiting 'keeper, putting his shot into the bottom right corner. From nearly going 3-2 down, K's had gone 3-2 up and looked to be securing the points.

But they made sure of it just four minutes later. Akuamoah knocked the ball back to Basford, who fed Leworthy. He then gave Luckett the chance to get his second in two games. He did well to get the ball away from under his feet and managed to slot the ball under the keeper despite a foul challenge by the (re)covering defender,

Patterson was taken off before he was sent off with the game seemingly safe. And it was safe. K's won 4-2 despite losing and deservedly so at one point. But if Farralley was to have a bad game, then at least he did it on a day when K's scored four. You had to feel for the visiting fans. Southport were looking the better team for some while in the first half, but things look good for the future if you can come back and win a game like this.

Sat 21st Aug 1999
Kingsmeadow Stadium
Football Conference
Marshall, Leworthy (2), Luckett
1Steve Farrelly
2Tarkan Mustafa
3Colin Luckett
4Matt Crossley
5Simon Stewart
6Mark Harris16
7Gary PattersonCautioned15
8Geoff PitcherCautioned
9Dwight Marshall
10David Leworthy
11Phil Wingfield12
12Eddie Akuamoah11
13Richard Hurst
14Derek Allan
15Junior Kadi7
16Luke Basford6
Man of the Match
David Leworthy
David Leworthy
Match Report By
Gary Ekins