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Welling United 0-1 Kingstonian

To Welling we went, for MacMillan's cup,
The weather was cold, we had to wrap up.
Dick Hurst was in goal, the first game for him,
While Robin Taylor, was out on the wing.

Now Richard Hanlon, was up front for them,
He went close 3 times, with one shot a gem.
But out on the wing, at left back for K's,
Was little Luke B, who crosses all ways.

In shirt number 9, was Mr. Marshall,
But with his first chance, he backheeled the ball.
Next Tarkan got in, and shot from out wide,
The goalkeeper flapped, but turned it aside.

Down at the far end, the 10 had a shot,
Dick Hurst turned and looked, stuck right in his spot.
The ball travelled on, but struck the K's bar,
Nil-nil at the break, and no-one hurrahed.

A shot from Marshall, hit somebody's knee,
Just over the bar, unfortunately.
The 10 thought he'd scored, from just six yards out,
But up went a flag, and 10 had a pout.

Geoff Pitcher got booked, on came Ronaldo,
And then, thank the Lord, the K's struck a blow.
With extra time close, and feet turning blue,
The goalkeeper flapped, and Tarkan was through.

The goal was open, and Tarks had to score,
He did - we all cheered, no extra time bore.
The players looked pleased, they hugged Mustafa,
And all said to him, "Oh thanks you're a star".

But still there was time, for more heart attacks,
When they headed home, when Dick H got lax.
But then luckily, we spotted the flag,
And got to go home, the win in the bag.

Tue 9th Nov 1999
Park View Road
Bob Lord Trophy 2nd round
Welling United0
1Richard Hurst
2Tarkan Mustafa
3Luke Basford
4Matt Crossley
5Simon Stewart
6Derek Allan
7Junior Kadi
8Geoff PitcherCautioned
9Dwight Marshall15
10David Leworthy
11Robin Taylor
12Phil Wingfield
13Steve Farrelly
14Mark Harris
15Dean Thomas9
16Mike Lester
Man of the Match
Luke Basford
Luke Basford
Match Report By
Gary Ekins