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Yeovil Town 3-2 Kingstonian

It's now six weeks since, our last trip out West,
That day we tried hard, our team was the best.
This time we cared less, as some time in May,
It will be the K's, on Wembley Way.

The first team did come, but kept on their suits,
It was the reserves, who pulled on the boots.
Dick Hurst was in goal, with Lester right-back,
Lee Boylan and Joe, made up the attack.

Just four minutes in, Lindegaard crossed the ball,
The K's stood and watched, while Steele stood up tall.
His header was firm, it rippled the net,
A cricket score looked, to be a good bet.

The Glovers then had, a purpley patch,
Quite simply the fight, was not a fair match.
But then Kadi shot, and Pennock saved well,
Perhaps a turned tide - it was hard to tell.

Then Luckett sent in, a corner for K's,
A scramble ensued, Drewett deserves praise.
He headed at goal, O'Connor was there,
Defenders were pushed, yet K's were all square.

The ball trickled in, the goal was allowed,
O'Connor jumped up, then turned and then bowed.
But ten minutes hence, the score was three-one,
The first half became, not quite so much fun.

A free-kick from Smith, went through the K's wall,
Dick Hurst stood and watched, the net meet the ball.
The third was from Hale, which made things more tense,
Then matters got worse - tea cost eighty pence.

Phil Wingfield came on, and Mustafa too,
As K's tried to please, the travelling few.
Then Lindegaard was through, it had to be four,
Until Basford sent, him onto the floor.

Just six yards from goal, things looked bleak for Luke,
But no card was shown, it was quite a fluke.
The penalty kick, was Patmore's to shoot,
But he skied the ball - he'll blame his right boot.

On this the game turned, and out came the sun,
The K's pressurised, three corners were won.
The third saw Kadi, cross in from the left,
Mark Harris was there, his header not deft.

He jumped and he scored, to make it two-three,
Still plenty of time, to fill us with glee.
And Lee had a chance, Lee Boylan that is,
Just six metres out, an open goal his.

But Boylan f***ed up, this not the first time,
So K's didn't draw, and that was a crime.
The fill-ins played well, but that's what they were,
The first-team would win, of that we're all sure.

Tue 11th Apr 2000
Huish Park
Football Conference
Yeovil Town3
O'Connor, Harris
1Richard Hurst
2Mike Lester14
3Colin Luckett
4Iain Hendrie
5Derek Allan16
6Mark Harris
7Junior KadiCautioned
8Gary Drewett15
9Joe O'Connor
10Lee Boylan
11Luke BasfordCautioned
12Ronnie Green
13Steve Farrelly
14Tarkan Mustafa2
15Phil Wingfield8
16Eddie Saunders5
Man of the Match
Mark Harris
Mark Harris
Match Report By
Gary Ekins