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Competition: FA Cup

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Sat 4th Oct 1919AWest NorwoodFAC P3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 11th Oct 1919AGuildfordFAC 1Q1-7n/aUnknown
Sat 25th Sep 1920AAquariusFAC P6-1n/aUnknown
Sat 9th Oct 1920HWokingFAC 1Q3-22500Unknown
Sat 23rd Oct 1920HWimbledonFAC 2Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 6th Nov 1920HGuildfordFAC 3Q0-3n/a 
Sat 24th Sep 1921HWalton on ThamesFAC P1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 8th Oct 1921HCamberley and YorktownFAC 1Q2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 12th Oct 1921ACamberley and YorktownFAC 1QR1-2n/aUnknown
Sat 9th Sep 1922HTooting TownFAC EP1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 23rd Sep 1922HSutton UnitedFAC P2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 7th Oct 1922AWokingFAC 1Q2-23500Unknown
Wed 11th Oct 1922HWokingFAC 1QR0-33000 
Sat 8th Sep 1923HThorneycrofts AthleticFAC EP3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 22nd Sep 1923HDorkingFAC P9-1n/aUnknown
Sat 6th Oct 1923HWellington WorksFAC 1Q8-0n/aUnknown
Sat 20th Oct 1923HFarnham United BreweriesFAC 2Q0-1n/a 
Sat 15th Nov 1924HFolkestoneFAC 4Q0-2n/a 
Sat 19th Sep 1925HRedhillFAC P0-1n/a 
Sat 13th Nov 1926AIlfordFAC 4Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 27th Nov 1926ANunheadFAC 10-9n/a 
Sat 12th Nov 1927AAldershotFAC 4Q0-5n/a 
Sat 10th Nov 1928HDulwich HamletFAC 4Q2-2n/aUnknown
Thu 15th Nov 1928ADulwich HamletFAC 4QR4-4n/aUnknown
Mon 19th Nov 1928NDulwich HamletFAC 4QRR2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 16th Nov 1929AAldershotFAC 4Q1-11n/aUnknown
Sat 20th Sep 1930ACarshalton AthleticFAC P4-0n/aUnknown
Sat 4th Oct 1930ADorkingFAC 1Q3-2n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Oct 1930HWokingFAC 2Q3-15500Unknown
Sat 1st Nov 1930AMitcham WanderersFAC 3Q4-2n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Nov 1930HBarnetFAC 4Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 29th Nov 1930ATunbridge Wells RangersFAC 10-3n/a 
Sat 14th Nov 1931HMetropolitan PoliceFAC 4Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 18th Nov 1931HMetropolitan PoliceFAC 4QR0-2n/a 
Sat 12th Nov 1932AHayesFAC 4Q4-3n/aUnknown
Sat 26th Nov 1932ALuton TownFAC 12-2n/aUnknown
Wed 30th Nov 1932HLuton TownFAC 1R2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 25th Nov 1933HBristol CityFAC 11-7n/aUnknown
Sat 10th Nov 1934ALeytonFAC 4Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 14th Nov 1934HLeytonFAC 4QR0-2n/a 
Sat 16th Nov 1935HNunheadFAC 4Q2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 19th Sep 1936ASutton UnitedFAC P1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 23rd Sep 1936HSutton UnitedFAC PR3-2n/aUnknown
Sat 3rd Oct 1936APost Office EngineersFAC 1Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 7th Oct 1936HPost Office EngineersFAC 1QR4-1n/aUnknown
Sat 17th Oct 1936AHershamFAC 2Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 31st Oct 1936AMetropolitan PoliceFAC 3Q4-1n/aUnknown
Sat 14th Nov 1936AWalthamstow AvenueFAC 4Q1-5n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Sep 1937ASutton UnitedFAC P2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 17th Sep 1938HRAMC AldershotFAC P6-0n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Oct 1938AMetropolitan PoliceFAC 1Q2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 5th Oct 1938HMetropolitan PoliceFAC 1QR1-2n/aUnknown
Sat 8th Sep 1945ATooting & MitchamFAC P2-6n/aUnknown
Sat 5th Oct 1946AVickers ArmstrongFAC 1Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 9th Oct 1946HVickers ArmstrongFAC 1QR3-2n/aUnknown
Sat 19th Oct 1946ASutton UnitedFAC 2Q1-3n/aUnknown
Sat 4th Oct 1947HEpsomFAC 1Q10-1n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Oct 1947HTooting & MitchamFAC 2Q0-2n/a 
Sat 13th Nov 1948ATooting & MitchamFAC 4Q1-1n/aUnknown
Sat 20th Nov 1948HTooting & MitchamFAC 4QR2-4n/aUnknown
Sat 17th Sep 1949ASutton UnitedFAC P1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Oct 1949AWimbledonFAC 1Q0-0n/a 
Sat 8th Oct 1949HWimbledonFAC 1QR1-1n/aUnknown
Mon 10th Oct 1949HWimbledonFAC 1QRR6-3n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Oct 1949AEpsomFAC 2Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 29th Oct 1949HTooting & MitchamFAC 3Q5-3n/aUnknown
Sat 12th Nov 1949ARomfordFAC 4Q0-3n/a 
Sat 16th Sep 1950HFarnham TownFAC P6-1n/aUnknown
Sat 30th Sep 1950HDorkingFAC 1Q4-0n/aUnknown
Sat 14th Oct 1950ACarshalton AthleticFAC 2Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 18th Oct 1950HCarshalton AthleticFAC 2QR2-4n/aUnknown
Sat 29th Sep 1951HTooting & MitchamFAC 1Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 13th Oct 1951ASutton UnitedFAC 2Q2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 17th Oct 1951HSutton UnitedFAC 2QR2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 13th Sep 1952HErith & BelvedereFAC 1Q5-0n/aUnknown
Sat 27th Sep 1952ACarshalton AthleticFAC 2Q0-3n/a 
Sat 12th Sep 1953HWokingFAC P3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 26th Sep 1953AWimbledonFAC 1Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 30th Sep 1953HWimbledonFAC 1QR4-2n/aUnknown
Sat 10th Oct 1953HMargateFAC 2Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 24th Oct 1953AHounslow TownFAC 3Q1-6n/aUnknown
Sat 11th Sep 1954AFinchleyFAC P3-3n/aUnknown
Wed 15th Sep 1954HFinchleyFAC PR3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 25th Sep 1954HHounslow TownFAC 1Q3-4n/aUnknown
Sat 10th Sep 1955ABerkhamsted TownFAC P2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 14th Sep 1955HBerkhamsted TownFAC PR6-0n/aUnknown
Sat 24th Sep 1955ASouthallFAC 1Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 28th Sep 1955HSouthallFAC 1QR0-1n/a 
Sat 8th Sep 1956HTonbridge AngelsFAC P2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 12th Sep 1956ATonbridge AngelsFAC PR1-6n/aUnknown
Sat 7th Sep 1957HWokingFAC P3-5n/aUnknown
Sat 6th Sep 1958HCarshalton AthleticFAC P1-5n/aUnknown
Sat 5th Sep 1959AWalton & HershamFAC P2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 19th Sep 1959ACarshalton AthleticFAC 1Q4-2n/aUnknown
Sat 3rd Oct 1959HWokingFAC 2Q0-3n/a 
Sat 10th Sep 1960ABromleyFAC P3-2n/aUnknown
Sat 24th Sep 1960AWalton & HershamFAC 1Q1-3n/aUnknown
Sat 9th Sep 1961ALeatherheadFAC 1Q2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 13th Sep 1961HLeatherheadFAC 1QR4-2n/aUnknown
Sat 23rd Sep 1961HBromleyFAC 2Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 7th Oct 1961HWalton & HershamFAC 3Q4-1n/aUnknown
Sat 21st Oct 1961AHarwich and ParkestonFAC 4Q0-6n/a 
Sat 8th Sep 1962HWalton & HershamFAC 1Q5-0n/aUnknown
Sat 22nd Sep 1962HMetropolitan PoliceFAC 2Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 6th Oct 1962AWimbledonFAC 3Q2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 7th Sep 1963HWalton & HershamFAC 1Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 21st Sep 1963ALeatherheadFAC 2Q2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 5th Sep 1964HDorkingFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 19th Sep 1964HLeatherheadFAC 2Q1-1n/aUnknown
Wed 23rd Sep 1964ALeatherheadFAC 2QR0-1n/a 
Sat 4th Sep 1965AGuildford CityFAC 1Q2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 3rd Sep 1966HAveleyFAC 1Q5-2n/aUnknown
Sat 17th Sep 1966AMetropolitan PoliceFAC 2Q2-2n/aUnknown
Wed 21st Sep 1966HMetropolitan PoliceFAC 2QR2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Oct 1966HSutton UnitedFAC 3Q0-2n/a 
Sat 16th Sep 1967AHemel Hempstead TownFAC 1Q0-1n/a 
Sat 21st Sep 1968AHamptonFAC 1Q5-1n/aUnknown
Sat 5th Oct 1968ASouthallFAC 2Q0-0n/a 
Tue 8th Oct 1968HSouthallFAC 2QR3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 19th Oct 1968AEdmontonFAC 3Q1-1n/aUnknown
Tue 22nd Oct 1968HEdmontonFAC 3QR2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 2nd Nov 1968HChelmsford CityFAC 4Q3-3n/aUnknown
Wed 6th Nov 1968AChelmsford CityFAC 4QR3-5n/aUnknown
Sat 20th Sep 1969HEnfieldFAC 1Q1-3n/aUnknown
Mon 29th Sep 1969HEnfieldFAC 1Q0-3n/a 
Sat 19th Sep 1970HHemel Hempstead TownFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 10th Oct 1970ASlough TownFAC 2Q0-5n/a 
Sat 4th Sep 1971HLeighton TownFAC P4-0n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Sep 1971AHayesFAC 1Q0-2n/a 
Sat 16th Sep 1972ATilburyFAC 1Q0-0n/a 
Tue 19th Sep 1972HTilburyFAC 1QR1-2n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Sep 1973HGrays AthleticFAC P4-0n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Sep 1973AClaptonFAC 1Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 6th Oct 1973ADartfordFAC 2Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 20th Oct 1973ADagenhamFAC 3Q2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 14th Sep 1974AWokingFAC 1Q2-2n/aUnknown
Tue 17th Sep 1974HWokingFAC 1QR1-2n/aUnknown
Sat 13th Sep 1975ACarshalton AthleticFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 4th Oct 1975AEgham TownFAC 2Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Oct 1975ATonbridge AngelsFAC 3Q0-0n/a 
Tue 21st Oct 1975HTonbridge AngelsFAC 3QR3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Nov 1975AWimbledonFAC 4Q1-6n/aUnknown
Sat 4th Sep 1976AHaringey BoroughFAC P1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Sep 1976AWalthamstow AvenueFAC 1Q4-1n/aUnknown
Sat 9th Oct 1976HWealdstoneFAC 2Q0-2n/a 
Sat 3rd Sep 1977HTilburyFAC P0-1n/a 
Sat 16th Sep 1978HTring TownFAC 1Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 7th Oct 1978HUxbridgeFAC 2Q3-0n/aUnknown
Sat 21st Oct 1978HHillingdon BoroughFAC 3Q0-0n/a 
Mon 23rd Oct 1978AHillingdon BoroughFAC 3QR2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Sep 1979HRuislip ManorFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 6th Oct 1979HCray WanderersFAC 2Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 20th Oct 1979HWokingFAC 3Q0-2n/a 
Sat 30th Aug 1980AArundelFAC P2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 13th Sep 1980HBanstead AthleticFAC 1Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 4th Oct 1980HEgham TownFAC 2Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 18th Oct 1980AWindsor & EtonFAC 3Q1-1n/aUnknown
Tue 21st Oct 1980HWindsor & EtonFAC 3QR2-3n/aUnknown
Sat 5th Sep 1981AHounslowFAC P3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 19th Sep 1981HBoreham WoodFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 3rd Oct 1981HHamptonFAC 2Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 17th Oct 1981AThame UnitedFAC 3Q2-1n/aUnknown
Sat 31st Oct 1981ABidefordFAC 4Q0-1n/a 
Sat 18th Sep 1982AHorshamFAC 1Q3-0n/aUnknown
Sat 2nd Oct 1982HThree BridgesFAC 2Q4-3n/aUnknown
Sat 16th Oct 1982AWokingham TownFAC 3Q2-2n/aUnknown
Tue 19th Oct 1982HWokingham TownFAC 3QR1-1n/aUnknown
Mon 25th Oct 1982HWokingham TownFAC 3QRR0-2n/a 
Sat 17th Sep 1983HSteyning TownFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Oct 1983HWorthingFAC 2Q3-2n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Oct 1983HFarnborough TownFAC 3Q2-4n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Sep 1984AChichester CityFAC P1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Sep 1984ADulwich HamletFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 29th Sep 1984ATooting & MitchamFAC 2Q2-2n/aUnknown
Tue 2nd Oct 1984HTooting & MitchamFAC 2QR0-4n/a 
Sat 7th Sep 1985HWhitehawkFAC 1Q1-0n/aUnknown
Sat 28th Sep 1985HWalton & HershamFAC 2Q3-1n/aUnknown
Sat 12th Oct 1985HCarshalton AthleticFAC 3Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 26th Oct 1985ASlough TownFAC 4Q2-2n/aUnknown
Tue 29th Oct 1985HSlough TownFAC 4QR1-1n/aUnknown
Mon 4th Nov 1985ASlough TownFAC 4QRR1-2n/aUnknown
Sat 13th Sep 1986HCray WanderersFAC 1Q2-0n/aUnknown
Sat 27th Sep 1986ABoreham WoodFAC 2Q2-2n/aUnknown
Tue 30th Sep 1986HBoreham WoodFAC 2QR0-1n/a 
Sat 12th Sep 1987ACarshalton AthleticFAC 1Q0-1n/a 
Sat 17th Sep 1988HFolkestoneFAC 1Q4-1n/aUnknown
Sat 1st Oct 1988AFelthamFAC 2Q0-0n/a 
Tue 4th Oct 1988HFelthamFAC 2QR3-0n/aUnknown
Sat 15th Oct 1988AFisher AthleticFAC 3Q1-1n/aUnknown
Tue 18th Oct 1988HFisher AthleticFAC 3QR1-4n/aUnknown
Sat 16th Sep 1989HWokingFAC 1Q1-5706Lewis
Sat 15th Sep 1990HStaines TownFAC 1Q2-1571Braithwaite, Vines
Sat 29th Sep 1990AHavant TownFAC 2Q4-0367Braithwaite (2), Vines, Pearce
Sat 13th Oct 1990HHailsham TownFAC 3Q4-01032Kempton, Lewis(2), Griffiths
Sat 27th Oct 1990AHayesFAC 4Q0-2759 
Sat 14th Sep 1991AHerne BayFAC 1Q2-0205Pearce, Vines
Sat 28th Sep 1991HLewesFAC 2Q3-2392Vines, Pearce, Harlow
Sat 12th Oct 1991HTooting & MitchamFAC 3Q0-0690 
Tue 15th Oct 1991ATooting & MitchamFAC 3QR3-2517Eriemo (2), Pearce
Sat 26th Oct 1991ASlough TownFAC 4Q1-2990Vines
Sat 12th Sep 1992HDulwich HamletFAC 1Q4-0535Vines (3), Cherry
Sat 26th Sep 1992HLangney SportsFAC 2Q2-2431Cherry, Vines
Tue 29th Sep 1992ALangney SportsFAC 2QR1-1n/aLewis
Mon 5th Oct 1992HLangney SportsFAC 2QRR3-1541Lewis, Vines, Cherry (pen)
Sat 10th Oct 1992AChertsey TownFAC 3Q3-1858Vines, Line, Buckwell
Sat 24th Oct 1992HWelling UnitedFAC 4Q2-1861Brodrick, Cherry
Sat 14th Nov 1992HPeterborough UnitedFAC 11-14400Russell
Wed 25th Nov 1992APeterborough UnitedFAC 1R1-95327Finch
Fri 4th Dec 1992APeterborough UnitedFAC 1R0-1n/a 
Sat 11th Sep 1993HAshford TownFAC 1Q2-1379Ndah (2)
Sat 25th Sep 1993HBognor Regis TownFAC 2Q1-1428Akuamoah
Tue 28th Sep 1993ABognor Regis TownFAC 2QR6-1409Kempton, Harlow, Ndah (2), Wingfield (2)
Sat 9th Oct 1993AChatham TownFAC 3Q2-1498Harlow (2)
Sat 23rd Oct 1993HMetropolitan PoliceFAC 4Q0-1689 
Sat 10th Sep 1994AFisher AthleticFAC 1Q4-2262Brown, Harlow, J Ndah (2)
Sat 24th Sep 1994ACroydon AthleticFAC 2Q2-1255J Ndah, Wingfield
Sat 8th Oct 1994AMargateFAC 3Q1-0588Akuamoah
Sat 22nd Oct 1994ADover AthleticFAC 4Q2-11258Akuamoah, Underdown
Sat 12th Nov 1994HBrighton & Hove AlbionFAC 12-13815J Ndah (2)
Sat 3rd Dec 1994HAylesbury UnitedFAC 21-41891Akuamoah (pen)
Sat 21st Oct 1995HTrowbridge TownFAC 4Q3-1721Warden, Nebbeling, Fisher
Sat 11th Nov 1995HWisbech TownFAC 15-11396Wingfield (2), Riley, Warden, Akuamoah
Sun 3rd Dec 1995HPlymouth ArgyleFAC 21-22961Warden
Sat 26th Oct 1996AAshford TownFAC 4Q1-31089Darlington
Sun 14th Sep 1997ABedford UnitedFAC 1Q5-0430Cooper, Crossley, Pitcher, Luckett (2)
Sat 27th Sep 1997ADover AthleticFAC 2Q4-0938Hooper (2), Cooper, Ndah
Sat 11th Oct 1997HWivenhoe TownFAC 3Q1-0529Hooper
Sat 25th Oct 1997ASlough TownFAC 4Q1-21272Dennis
Sat 17th Oct 1998AMaidenhead UnitedFAC 3Q4-2717Leworthy (2), Holligan (2)
Sat 31st Oct 1998ASt Albans CityFAC 4Q1-1861Stewart
Tue 3rd Nov 1998HSt Albans CityFAC 4QR1-1845Holligan
Sat 14th Nov 1998HBurton AlbionFAC 11-01505Holligan
Sun 6th Dec 1998HLeyton OrientFAC 20-03495 
Tue 15th Dec 1998ALeyton OrientFAC 2R1-23652Holligan
Sat 16th Oct 1999HBoston UnitedFAC 4Q0-01108 
Wed 20th Oct 1999ABoston UnitedFAC 4QR3-02120OG, Leworthy, Wingfield
Sat 30th Oct 1999ALuton TownFAC 12-44682Crossley, Leworthy
Sat 28th Oct 2000HDevizes TownFAC 4Q5-2619Allan (2), Pitcher (3,1 pen)
Sat 18th Nov 2000ABrentfordFAC 13-13809Pitcher, Winston (2)
Sat 9th Dec 2000ASouthportFAC 22-13659Harris, Pitcher
Sat 6th Jan 2001ASouthend UnitedFAC 31-07270Akuamoah
Sat 27th Jan 2001ABristol CityFAC 41-114787Wingfield
Wed 7th Feb 2001HBristol CityFAC 4R0-13341 
Sat 29th Sep 2001ABrockenhurstFAC 2Q1-2452Bolt
Sat 28th Sep 2002AClacton TownFAC 2Q3-2486OG, Clarke, Sills
Sat 12th Oct 2002ABoreham WoodFAC 3Q0-2650 
Sat 27th Sep 2003AHampton & Richmond BoroughFAC 2Q1-2660Steele
Sat 18th Sep 2004HRamsgateFAC 1Q0-2268 
Sat 27th Aug 2005HRingmerFAC P2-1324Panter, Sills
Sat 10th Sep 2005ACray WanderersFAC 1Q1-4225Lee (pen)
Sun 3rd Sep 2006HPaghamFAC P3-1301Reid, Lee, Corbett
Sun 17th Sep 2006HRamsgateFAC 1Q1-2317Rose (pen)
Sat 1st Sep 2007AEastbourne TownFAC P1-2368Huckle
Sat 30th Aug 2008AShorehamFAC P3-1281P Williams, Traynor, Wilson-Denis
Sun 14th Sep 2008HAshford TownFAC 1Q3-0401T Williams, Hustwick, Wilson-Denis
Sat 27th Sep 2008HBraintree TownFAC 2Q4-0356Lodge (4, 1 pen)
Sat 11th Oct 2008HHayes & YeadingFAC 3Q1-3578Traynor (pen)
Sat 12th Sep 2009ABognor Regis TownFAC 1Q4-1402Traynor (3, 1 pen), Lodge
Sat 26th Sep 2009AHendonFAC 2Q1-2226Wilson-Denis
Sat 25th Sep 2010AMargateFAC 2Q1-1438Traynor
Mon 27th Sep 2010HMargateFAC 2QR1-1312Hall
Sat 9th Oct 2010ASt Albans CityFAC 3Q0-0484 
Mon 11th Oct 2010HSt Albans CityFAC 3QR1-2367Traynor (pen)
Sat 17th Sep 2011APoole TownFAC 1Q0-3507 

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